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  • 11/15/2018

    This Is Our Work: Introducing Our Products and Manufacturing Technologies

    Accepting Field Trips

    Supporting Local Human Resource Development and Promoting Interaction with Stakeholders. Supporting Social Studies Classes, School Excursions, and Work Experience Programs


    Amazing Skill! Parking Cars Only 10 Centimeters Apart

    Mazda Car Carrier Loading Field Trip

    Exploring a Vehicle Carrier as Tall as a 15-Story Building


    Supporting Human Resources for Innovation

    Accepting Internships

    Cooperation with Community Training Utilizing Our Diverse Human Resources and Training Organizations. Fostering Work Values in the Next Generation


    Connecting Hearts Across 2,000 km Between Shanghai and Sichuan

    Support for the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class

    Support through Correspondence and Exchange


    A New Future for High School and Vocational School Students

    Recent Graduate Recruiting Project

    Supporting Job Searches after Graduation


    Supporting People with Disabilities

    Donating Computers

    Reusing Equipment Where It is Most Needed


    Helping Youth Achieve Their Dreams

    Supporting Youth Soccer Competitions

    An Exciting Competition - 36th Youth Soccer Competition Held in Hofu. Supporting the Mental and Physical Health of Children in Mexico