Implementing CSR in the Supply Chain

Mazda carries out a wide variety of activities in order to achieve mutual growth and prosperity with suppliers and dealerships, both in Japan and overseas. In line with its basic purchasing policy, Mazda is taking its efforts to build open business relationships and ensure fair and even-handed dealings with its suppliers both in Japan and overseas.
In addition, Mazda is committed to promoting CSR initiatives and enhancing BCP aimed at building a sustainable society in full partnership with its suppliers. The Company bases its assessments of business dealings with its suppliers on a comprehensive evaluation that covers not only quality, technical strengths, pricing, delivery time and management approach, but also the corporate compliance structure and initiatives for environmental protection.

Mazda Supplier CSR Guidelines

To promote CSR activities among Mazda suppliers, in July 2010 Mazda created the Mazda Supplier CSR Guidelines with reference to the CSR Guidelines of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. In addition to requesting total compliance with the laws and regulations of all countries and regions, the Guidelines outline six areas such as respect for people including the prohibition of child labor and forced labor, environmental protection and information disclosure, and request that all Mazda suppliers comply with the guidelines in these areas.

The Mazda Green Purchasing Guidelines, which indicate the details of the environmental protection area, are separately created, and Mazda requests that suppliers comply with these guidelines.

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