Through all processes of the value chain, Mazda pursues innovation that leads to the resolution of social challenges. To achieve maximum effects in implementing innovation initiatives, such as next-generation product technology development and production technology development for Monotsukuri Innovation, Mazda has been enhancing collaboration with business partners, universities/research institutions, and administrative organs.

Mazda-unique Innovation

With the aim of developing innovative vehicles that exceed the expectations of its stakeholders, Mazda has promoted company-wide efforts to review the vehicle-manufacturing processes from scratch.

Collaboration with Automobile Manufacturers

In order to strengthen the Mazda brand, Mazda is actively pursuing an alliance strategy that will mutually complement our products, technologies, and regions.

Collaboration with Suppliers

Mazda collaborates with suppliers from the early stage of product/technology development. To make this collaboration successful, the Company takes steps to promptly brief suppliers on medium to long-term business strategies and on matters related to sales and production, and arranges opportunities for the exchange of information closely.

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Initiatives

Mazda, establishing the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Secretariat, has promoted collaboration with government authorities and universities, aiming to resolve business issues by obtaining new knowledge and viewpoints from outside the Company, and thereby broadly contributing to society.

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